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Saturday, April 16, 2011

MY IDEA..!!!

In this world of globalization, many people fail to manage the anger especially the hot temper person. This will happen when some people can’t manage their emotion well. There are several ways how to reduce or manage our anger.

Firstly, we should know how to motivate ourselves. An anger can easily be reduce or manage if a person know how to motivate themselves. A person should look the criticized given as a joke. Don’t take it seriously but take it as an advice. Try to improve ourselves with the criticized given and practice to reply the criticized given by giving a smile.

When the anger is being uncontrolled by a person, automatically we can’t manage to control our emotion. To avoid unexpected thing that might be happen, we should know how to reduce the anger by taking a deep breath and try to take a walked by look at the green thing such as a tree and grasses. Because the green thing can reduce a bad feeling in our mind and give us a relax mood. Doing the other thing is better than we treat our anger.

In Islam, we as a muslim believe that anger also can be reduced by taking a `wuduk’ and carry out with solat sunat. We believed that when we in anger, our body become hot and our blood can’t flow to our brain that make we chose a short way to release the anger. So when we taking a `wuduk’ it will cool down our body and we perform the solat sunat it will flow the blood to our brain.

The anger or hot temper is not a good behaviour that we should follow. It also will cause a bad thing in our life. By practicing those ways we can easily reduce or manage our anger.

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