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Thursday, April 19, 2012

short story

No 3 (movie-the road home)

           The importance of culture and tradition in a society can be divided in many aspects. Culture and tradition is part of life and it is one of the reasons why people different in terms of way of living. One of the good examples is our beloved country, Malaysia.  As can be seen, we have variety types of culture and tradition due to different religion. Malays, Chinese and Indians have their own unique culture and tradition. However, they can live and share the differences nicely without having prejudice that leads to unstable condition especially issues that related to race. It shows that culture and diversity can unite people and build a good relationship even they have different beliefs and religion that normally can be a hurdle for them to foster good relationship. Other than that, it also can create diversity among society that leads to the harmonization of living in a society. People can share knowledge about other cultures and traditions that makes them respecting each other. They also will be able to learn about arts and music since they come from different state. Last but not least, the beauty of culture and tradition will build a good image for a country.

short story

No 2 (hungry ghost)

Dear Mak,

            Mak, first of all, I want you to know that you are the most important person in my life. I know that I cannot be the best son that you ever had. But, if I do not have a much time to live in this world, I want you to know that i love you so much. I am very proud of you in way how you teach me to be a better person. I am sorry because I am not a good son to you. I always make you sad because of my behaviour. I always make a trouble to you but you still treat me the best way that you can. I promise you that i will give everything you want if I succeed one day. But I cannot fulfil my promise toward you. You always said that you want me to send you to Mecca and follow you to perform the Umrah. But yet, we do not have much time in this world. I am sorry because i cannot fulfil your dreams and i am sorry because i should go far away from you. I want you to send my regard toward my beloved father, my sibling and also to my entire friend and said that I love them very much. I am sorry for everything that has done. May Allah bless all of you

Your son,
Axl Rizez Murphy..

short story

No 1 (bugis)

Everybody pretend for several reasons, sometime pretentiousness is important in living on this fucking world. For example, in order to take care of other people feeling, someone or somebody must pretend to foster a good relationship for avoiding a conflicts or misunderstanding. Everybody also has their own experience toward pretentiousness, the same incident happened to me. After I got my SPM result I have decided to work as a chef at the MZ restaurant for a couple of month. One day, my friend asks me to join him to further our study at this fucking KPM. Actually I’m not interested to further my study yet, but that day I did not reject my friend invitation and jut follow him without thinking about the consequences on the future. I was accepted to further my study as a PIP student at KPKBP Johor. I am very happy to study there because the PIP course is very easy for me. That why the hate feeling toward study is gone from my mind. But yet, when I further my study as a diploma student, the hate feeling about study came back to my mind. It is because study in diploma is very difficult to me but I just follow the flow as a diploma student and I just pretend that I love to further my study. In fact I hate to be a student.!!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011


DAMM!!! she's so beutiful right...

this story begin when the first day of registration day take place... i saw her line up in decom 1 G class.. that the first time i saw her and i start to falling with her.... DAMM!!! SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL... I make a step come near to her... OMG!!! she's looking at me... the first word come out from my mouth is hye, this is DEC 1 G RIGHT..?? but on that time i was a senior who sitting in class DEC 2 A.... it's a beautiful lie... but its a skill how to tackle a girl that have been created by me... but now im so happy because she's become my good friend.... i will try to make her as my girlfriend... WISH ME LUCK THIS TIME!!!   

Saturday, April 16, 2011

MY IDEA..!!!

In this world of globalization, many people fail to manage the anger especially the hot temper person. This will happen when some people can’t manage their emotion well. There are several ways how to reduce or manage our anger.

Firstly, we should know how to motivate ourselves. An anger can easily be reduce or manage if a person know how to motivate themselves. A person should look the criticized given as a joke. Don’t take it seriously but take it as an advice. Try to improve ourselves with the criticized given and practice to reply the criticized given by giving a smile.

When the anger is being uncontrolled by a person, automatically we can’t manage to control our emotion. To avoid unexpected thing that might be happen, we should know how to reduce the anger by taking a deep breath and try to take a walked by look at the green thing such as a tree and grasses. Because the green thing can reduce a bad feeling in our mind and give us a relax mood. Doing the other thing is better than we treat our anger.

In Islam, we as a muslim believe that anger also can be reduced by taking a `wuduk’ and carry out with solat sunat. We believed that when we in anger, our body become hot and our blood can’t flow to our brain that make we chose a short way to release the anger. So when we taking a `wuduk’ it will cool down our body and we perform the solat sunat it will flow the blood to our brain.

The anger or hot temper is not a good behaviour that we should follow. It also will cause a bad thing in our life. By practicing those ways we can easily reduce or manage our anger.

Friday, April 15, 2011






Thursday, April 14, 2011


ssh gle nk edit mnatang blog ni... ujung2 jd burok cm ni.. sape2 yg ada skill tu ajar2 kan la kwn2 ni... ntah mcm mne ntah... pning kpalo gua ni... gua bukan minat sngt bn da ni pon... tp kdang2 syok gak men taip2 ni... lg2 time2 boring ni kan... nk tdo x bleh nk tgk muvie dah 234 kali ulang dah... pnt aku memikir nk wat pe... ujung2 men benda ni... sampi boring aku nk tgk aku punya blog sndri... ape lg nk buat eak...??? idea please............