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Monday, August 16, 2010


1)who is mr.brown...?
=mr.brown is english teacher.

2)what is the topic tough by mr.brown...?
=mind your language..

3)list down at least your 2 favorite characters in the sitcom "mind your language"..? why do you like them...
=ali nadeem..
-i like him because he is so funny.. and he also cant speek in english but he want to and that make he work hard to learn english language.
=giovani cappelo
i like him when he say "parfamore"..

4)what do you thing the main problem faced by mr.brown in the classroom..?
=the main problem that mr.brown faced is comunication.. it make he cant talk with the student.

5)state one character do you dislike in the sitcom..? give your reason for your answer..
=danial favre
i dont like her because she always want to make a sexy treatment to mr.brown...

6)how can mr.brown help his student to improve their english.? suggest 2 ways..
a)he must divide a class to 2 class...
b)teach them to make a own dictionary....

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