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Thursday, September 23, 2010


1)List down 2 atitude of michael jackson mother....
= loving and caring...

2)what is your personal opinion about michael jackson  father..??
=he is a straight father and also love music person...

3)how many sibling M.J has and who are they...???
=-Michael Jackson has 9 sibling in his family.They are
-Rebbie Jackson
-Jackie Jackson
-Tito Jackson
-Jermaine La Jaune Jackson
-Yvonne Jackson
-Marlon David Jackson
-Michael Joseph Jackson
-Randy Jackson
-Janet Damita Jo Jackson

4)what are the uniqness of M.J (2uniqness)...???
=the unicnes of MJ is a good singer and he also have a good in dances.....

5)what is the best  scene in "american dream...??
=the best scene that i like almost when the jackson5 make a show togetther....

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