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Thursday, April 19, 2012

short story

No 1 (bugis)

Everybody pretend for several reasons, sometime pretentiousness is important in living on this fucking world. For example, in order to take care of other people feeling, someone or somebody must pretend to foster a good relationship for avoiding a conflicts or misunderstanding. Everybody also has their own experience toward pretentiousness, the same incident happened to me. After I got my SPM result I have decided to work as a chef at the MZ restaurant for a couple of month. One day, my friend asks me to join him to further our study at this fucking KPM. Actually I’m not interested to further my study yet, but that day I did not reject my friend invitation and jut follow him without thinking about the consequences on the future. I was accepted to further my study as a PIP student at KPKBP Johor. I am very happy to study there because the PIP course is very easy for me. That why the hate feeling toward study is gone from my mind. But yet, when I further my study as a diploma student, the hate feeling about study came back to my mind. It is because study in diploma is very difficult to me but I just follow the flow as a diploma student and I just pretend that I love to further my study. In fact I hate to be a student.!!!!

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