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Thursday, April 19, 2012

short story

No 3 (movie-the road home)

           The importance of culture and tradition in a society can be divided in many aspects. Culture and tradition is part of life and it is one of the reasons why people different in terms of way of living. One of the good examples is our beloved country, Malaysia.  As can be seen, we have variety types of culture and tradition due to different religion. Malays, Chinese and Indians have their own unique culture and tradition. However, they can live and share the differences nicely without having prejudice that leads to unstable condition especially issues that related to race. It shows that culture and diversity can unite people and build a good relationship even they have different beliefs and religion that normally can be a hurdle for them to foster good relationship. Other than that, it also can create diversity among society that leads to the harmonization of living in a society. People can share knowledge about other cultures and traditions that makes them respecting each other. They also will be able to learn about arts and music since they come from different state. Last but not least, the beauty of culture and tradition will build a good image for a country.

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